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The Lead Apron – Can we make do without it?

The purpose of putting on a lead apron in radiology is to protect patients from unnecessary radiation exposure during an X-ray exam, especially to shield the reproductive organs (testicles and ovaries).

What dye?

Miss Siti, a 27-year-old lady was referred to our imaging centre for an MRI of her whole spine without contrast, having presented to her orthopaedic surgeon with a history of persistent mid back discomfort and tingling in her right hand for a few months.

Metals of the heart

Mr Tan, an 80 year old gentleman had a MRI conditional pacemaker inserted for second degree heart block and now requires a follow-up MRI rectum after a rectal surgery a couple of months ago. His son, a lawyer, asks our MR radiographer if his father is able to proceed with the MRI examination given this situation.

Radiology – not quite sugar or rice

Last week while driving to Botanic Gardens, a blinking orange light appeared on the dashboard of my Audi. Knowing nothing about cars, I brought it to the designated service centre.