Health Screening

Why wait for a breakdown? You need regular check too.

Health Screening is Important

Early detection saves lives. Good health allows us to enjoy life and live well together with our loved ones. Make the time for yours and your family’s health screening. Not only will it assess your overall wellbeing, a screening can detect any disease or health risks before they happen. Detecting conditions increases your rates of survival and reduces costs involve in treatment.

At Quantum, we have carefully crafted health screening packages addressing the top causes of deaths in Singapore.

Death Percentage for Diseases



Ischaemic Heart Disease

Cerebrovascular Disease


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Back to Basics

General health screening emphasises on early detection, disease prevention and improving health outcomes that matter to you and your wellbeing. Like they say- “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Hearty Heart

Given the heart’s never-ending activity, it is not surprising that this muscular organ the size of a fist requires constant supply of blood. Any disturbance or blockage in blood flow within the heart vessels will potentially cause a heart attack. An active lifestyle, a healthy diet and regular screening especially for high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels goes a long way to preventing heart diseases.

Stop Stroke

Stroke is one of the most serious brain disorder. One in seven people die from a stroke. Those that survive may suffer with long-term disability. The first step in preventing a stroke is by knowing your risk factors such as presence of high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol, which can be done by screening.

Fight Cancer

Cancer is the no. 1 cause of death in Singapore (MOH Singapore, 2018). Screening for cancer comes in two forms. The first kind looks for changes in cells before they become cancerous, such as cervical cancer. The second kind of screening is done to detect cancers at an early stage, which may have no symptoms – this is commonly done for breast and prostate cancers. The aim of screening for cancer is to enable early intervention and if detected early, the chance at curative treatment is more likely to be possible.

Healthy Liver

The liver is the body’s most vital organ. The liver can be easily damaged from excessive alcoholic, virus infection and unhealthy diet that leads to fatty liver and liver hardening. In the early stages of liver related diseases detection, the damaged can be reversed!

Curb the Pain

Whilst some of us have no choice but to lead a crazy-busy life, do not forget to listen to our body when it is crying in pain. Amongst the top causes of chronic pain are headaches, neck and low back pain.

Frequent headaches are not uncommon in the general population and often dismissed as tension headache or migraine. However, a headache could be due to a more serious cause such as a growing tumour, a bleeding stroke or a ballooning brain vessel about to burst and therefore, needs to be evaluated early as these conditions are potentially fatal.

The other common sites where aches and pains are felt are in the neck and lower back. This is usually due to degenerative disc disease with or without nerve root involvement. When there is prolonged pain related to other symptoms such as pain at rest, disturbed gait, bladder and bowel dysfunction, investigations need to be under way particularly to exclude cord compression and/ or cancer.

You should not have to suffer in pain with current advances in diagnostic and treatment options.


Knowing that your vital organs and structures are in good shape and function is reassuring. ‘Portrait’ was curated to ‘paint a picture’ of almost your whole body, assessing different elements in the form of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.

At Quantum, this is done by capitalising on our imaging expertise where we provide purposeful imaging, risk assessment and laboratory tests.

*2-way transport capped at SGD30.00 for applicable health screening packages